Player Development: 1-Game Video Analysis


Professional players have access to video sessions and analysis for their game, why shouldn’t you?  Here you will get personal attention for your game.


One-Game Video Analysis

We will learn your ability, habits and understanding of the game.  Using our in depth analysis and comprehension of game situations, we can provide constructive feedback.  Following our review, you will be sent a video back, via private YouTube link, with the analysis we have provided for you.  After you have reviewed our analysis, we can discuss what is needed to help you achieve the goals you want and provide you a basic development plan based off of our findings.

We are here to help you become the best you can be.  We are not here to replace your coach, replace your private lessons or replace the work your currently putting in.  We are here to help you visually-realize your potential based off of proven data and experience.

Why Video Analysis?

Most people and athletes are visual learners.  We learn by watching as well as by doing.  When you see yourself on video, you sometimes realize what you “think” you’re doing isn’t really what you’re “actually” doing.  Our approach is honest and confidential, making it easy to understand what we are teaching.  We have been in your shoes before and know what its like to simply want some help.

How long will it take?

Francisco Hockey intends to have your analysis completed and returned to you within 7 days of you uploading your games/shifts.

We don’t have any game tape?

Simply having a parent, family member or friend use their smartphone or tablet to video your individual shifts. You can then upload them directly to our site from any device.  If you would like advice on what programs are out there, please email us by clicking HERE and we will discuss ways that will best suit you and your situation.

What is the process for uploading my shifts?

Once you purchase a package from Francisco Hockey, you will be sent a secure link where you can upload your shifts.

Can we get the game tape from HockeyTV?

YES: once you purchase our game analysis package, we can then discuss which games you would like us to analyze.  *Note* there is an added charge to break down full games into your shifts.


Additional information

Full Game Video

$50 Added charge for cutting full game videos into individual shifts