Personal Player Development

Best way to learn is by watching yourself…

Professional players get personal video sessions and analysis for their game, why shouldn’t you?   We now provide that same personal attention to you.  By breaking down each and every game, we give the players an understanding of why they are being taught what we are teaching them. We create an environment of learning and understanding. We help emphasize good habits and correct the bad habits that will help you gain confidence in your game.

Game video review, how it works…

STEP 1: Purchase a “Player Development Package“. Once you purchase, you will be contacted and we will discuss what it is you want to accomplish and what we can do to help you accomplish it.
STEP 2: Upload your game tape to our private, secure DropBox.
STEP 3: We will watch and analyze your game tape.
STEP 4: We will send you a private link via YouTube. You will be able to watch your modified game tape, along with voice-over comments, to watch at your convenience. This will be presented in a way that you can SEE what we are talking about and WHY we are talking about it.