Homeroom Hockey


With the ever-changing landscape of the world, we have designed a program for players in the area (Hermantown & Duluth, Minnesota) that want the ability to play hockey and train during the day. We have partnered with Hermantown Arena and the YMCA directly across the street for off-ice activities. Each week, players will receive 3-hours of on-ice instruction with a coach and 3-hours of off-ice activity with a trainer.

To guage interest, we are looking for boys and girls players with prior hockey experience, grades 5-9 to fill out the survey. If there are enough to fill a competative group, we will send you a registration along with dates and times.  Our hope is to have 20 players and 2 goalies in each group.

Cost of the program will range between $35-$50/week per player depending on the amount of players in each group. Payment will be required upfront for 4 weeks at a time.

Select days that you wish to attend:


The Homeroom Hockey Program is designed for players that want more.  This is not a daycare program.  This is a program for players that want to better themselves.  We expect the players to be courteous of the other player's, coach's and trainer's time.  If we receive a complaint on any player for behavior, the player will receive a warning.  After the first warning, the player will be asked to leave the program.  We have a "zero tolerance" policy and will not accept players that cannot follow direction or will be a disturbance to the group.  We reserve the right to remove any player for behavior issues with no refund.