Association Contact Camps

Contact + Concussion Prevention Training for your Association


Safety is a top Priority

What is your association doing to teach your players about contact, checking, injuries or concussions?  You could be liable for not training your players properly.

Contact is a Skill

Just like skating, shooting and passing, this is the best way to teach Contact and Concussion Prevention in a controlled environment for a reasonable cost to the players and families....especially when safety is a factor.

We Will Travel To You

With the convenience of coming to your rink, coaches and players will receive the safest and best training around pertaining to the difficult subject of Concussions, Contact, Checking and Injuries. We have the ability to work with any level you feel is appropriate for your Association. Our participants include both boys and girls ages 11 and up, especially ideal for players entering Bantams.


Your coaches will receive the education to properly teach your players long after we are gone.  This ensures proper technique and safety of your players.


Each Camp is 3 hours total (50 min video. 10 min to get dressed. 2 hours continuous on-ice).  If you would like to do more than one camp in a day or over multiple days, please let us know and we can schedule accordingly.

We can accommodate up to 32 skaters boys and/or girls ages 11 and up.

Yes!  We encourage it.  Our camps are designed for the players to make contact with the dummies, not each other.  Making it convenient to get multiple ages, boys or girls on the ice at once to maximize ice time.

  • Parents will have the peace of mind that their child is getting the best training available pertaining to such a stressful topic. 
  • We will travel to your facility for convenience
  • 4 dummies to train on
  • 2-hours of on-ice instruction of your players and coaches
  • 2-hours on-ice instant feedback & video analysis.  We shoot video while going around to each group and pull the kids aside so they can visually see, analyze and correct their mistakes right on the spot
  • 50-minute off-ice informational video for players and coaches
  • Video examples of concussions, awareness, proper angling, proper positioning to give a check and receive a check, understanding of responsibilities as a teammate with regards to checking
  • Understanding of a good check vs bad check
  • Coaches will learn how to properly teach checking (train the trainers)
  • We will have drills for everyone to do and how to do them
  • We will explain the new USA Hockey rule change pertaining to checking and how it will affect them
  • Kids will gain knowledge & confidence to play unafraid of body contact 

*Off-ice and on-ice video is very informative and a big piece of our program. 

  • 3-hour block per Association Contact Camp
  • 1-hour off-ice space.  A place, locker room or open room, to do video. We have a computer and projector that can be projected on a white wall.
  • 2-hours of ice: Your coaches will run the drills with our checking dummies under our instruction
  • Association is responsible for taking care of registrations
  • 32 players max (4 stations depending on numbers, equaling up to 8 kids per coach)
  • 4-5 coaches (4 to push dummies in all 4 corners, 1 to help out and fill in if needed)
  • 4 goalies if you’d like (they will receive a lot of shots, but no instruction unless you have someone to instruct them)
  • 4 nets

You bet!  We offer a set price for our camp/services.  Because you are taking the registrations, you determine the price you want to charge the players.  

Yes, goalies are encouraged to attend because there are 4 nets/drills going at once.  They will not receive formal goalie training, however, they will receive an abundance of shots.  We even allow the goalies to jump into some of the drills with the dummies because it is so fun.

Once we confirm with you (either by phone or email) date/s & time/s we will then send an invoice where you can click a link and pay the deposit to hold the date and time.  Deposit is half of the cost of the camp/s.  Final payment is then due the date of the camp.  

Payments can be made by credit card or PayPal through our secure payment gateway on our website.

It's easy, all you have to do is click the button "Set Up Date & Time" or Click Here.  Fill out our form and we will be in touch with you about confirming date/s and time/s.

Minnesota Association Contact + Concussion Prevention Camp


Most Associations charge $75 - $120 per skater due to its specialty

Potential profit for Association $420 - $2,340

Players/parents will have the peace of mind pertaining to such a stressful topic 

We will travel to your facility for convenience

4 dummies to train on

2-hours of on-ice instruction of your players and coaches

On-ice instant feedback & video analysis to correct mistakes right on the spot

1-hour off-ice informational video for players and coaches

Concussion/Injury Prevention

Coaches will learn how to properly teach contact (train the trainer)

We provide drills for everyone to do and how to do them

*Final price subject to travel charges*