Association / Club / Team Contact Camps

Contact is a skill:  Just like skating, shooting, passing, this is the best way to teach contact in a controlled environment for a reasonable cost to the players and families.  Especially when safety is a factor. It is a fun and safe way to teach contact. All players become much more comfortable using their body by the end of the camp. We like to crank up the music in the rink and cycle through stations so the players are getting plenty of opportunities to have fun and learn.

With the convenience of coming to you, coaches and players will receive the safest and best training around pertaining to the difficult subject of Contact and Checking. We have the ability to work with any level you feel is appropriate for your Association or Team. Most of our participants are Peewees and Bantams, however, we have trained Squirts and Girls with great success. The training is fun and informative making it a great opportunity to make sure your players are effectively learning to use their bodies. Most importantly, we make sure it is a safe environment for them to learn.

How long is the Association/Club/Team Contact Camp: Each Camp is 3 hours total (45 min video. 15 min to get dressed. 2 hours continuous on-ice). If you would like to do a flood you can, but not necessary.  If you would like to do more than one camp in a day or over multiple days, please let us know and we can schedule them.

Age / gender requirements: We suggest age 11 and up, boys and girls. We are flexible on dates and times, so please contact us using the link below to book the date that is best for you.

What you will get:

  • Parents will have the peace of mind that their child is getting the best training available pertaining to such a stressful topic. 
  • We will travel to your facility for convenience
  • 4 checking dummies
  • 2-hours of on-ice instruction of your players and coaches
  • 2-hours on-ice instant feedback & video analysis.  We shoot video while going around to each group and pull the kids aside so they can visually see, analyze and correct their mistakes right on the spot
  • 45-minute off-ice informational video for players and coaches
  • Video examples of concussions, awareness, proper angling, proper positioning to give a check and receive a check, understanding of responsibilities as a teammate with regards to checking
  • Understanding of a good check vs bad check
  • Coaches will learn how to properly teach checking (train the trainers)
  • We will have drills for everyone to do and how to do them
  • We will explain the new USA Hockey rule change pertaining to checking and how it will affect them
  • Kids will gain knowledge & confidence to play unafraid of body contact 

*Off-ice and on-ice video is very informative and a big piece of our program. 

What we need from the Association/Club/Team:

  • 3-hours total per “Association/Club/Team Contact Camp”
  • 25-30 players max (4-5 stations depending on numbers, equaling 5-8 kids per coach)
  • 4-5 coaches (4 to push dummies in all 4 corners, 1 to run center ice drills if full)
  • 4 goalies if you’d like (they will receive a lot of shots, but no instruction unless you have someone to instruct them)
  • 4 nets
  • 1-hour off-ice space (45 min video).  A place, locker room or open room, to do video. We have a computer and projector that can be projected on a white wall.
  • 2-hours on-ice – Your coaches will run the drills with our checking dummies under our instruction