Jon Francisco

Owner of Francisco Hockey

“Not every victory shows up on the scoreboard.”

The game of hockey is an ever changing sport. Combine the “Old School” fundamentals, “New School” training with “Video Analytics” and you have a recipe for some very revolutionary players. Technology has changed the game, how we watch it, how we study it, how we even train for it. Learning to harness all of the resources around us to help harbor a new generation of athletes is what drives Francisco Hockey.

Attention to Detail

After many years of coaching and playing hockey, we have followed the trends. Hockey is ever changing and the training style should change too. There is now data and analytics that support the success of players. Things they do that create opportunities that other players have yet to take advantage of. After extensive research and analysis, players can be taught more elements that can attribute to their future success.

Creativity and speed are the way the game is going. Gone are the days of clutching and grabbing, dumping and chasing. Coaches and teams are looking for players who have the ability to skate their way out of issues, make decisions that become automatic and obtain the confidence/creativity to make plays. We help teach those skills through our video analytics, personal attention to detail, short/long term goals and drills that simulate game like situations.